Entrance to the Claridge's hotel, London . Early morning start, to get this image without traffic and good light, it was necessary to be in position at 6am, so I had to stay at the Hotel overnight, just one of the perks of the job.

  • New Zealand for 02.

    New Zealand for 02.

    'Gifts' 02 Campaign for AIS,shot in New Zealand,with searchparty productions.

  • Cape Town

    Cape Town

    Apartments with view

  • Lodge & Resturant

    Lodge & Resturant

    This Lodge - Queensland Australia is a destination hotel and shows how a hotel photographer would light a property at twilight along with guests by a fireside .

  • St Michael's Mount

    St Michael's Mount

    Cornwall, this was the money shot after two days waiting for the weather to clear. However I prefer the more moody image and it illustrates that a landscape photographer above all else requires patience .Final ad did not appear as the research came back poor. I still love advertising photography .

  • E&J Gallo

    E&J Gallo

    constructed facade Bay area for DPS magazine Ad. Images such as this were shot on large format camera and the many elements were scanned and constructed in Photoshop. This still happens but the images that are featured across all media are usually for Cars & Consumer products.This image is made from 4 main images, the Bridge, the Landscape of the City, the foreground of the window and Brass bar, plus a candle & its reflection.

  • Abstract Buildings

    Abstract Buildings

    Hotel photography often requires detail of property and shows a feel for a place rather that a traditional view.

  • Ragley Grand Hall

    Ragley Grand Hall

    Set for Wedding -using portable flash with daylight as well as specialist shift / tilt lens captures large interiors and small with great quality. The technical requirements for an Architectural photographer have changed, pre digital you required a 4 x 5 camera with shift & tilt movements, I used a Sinar in the studio, but on location I would use Linhofs as they were designed for portability. This image was shot with a Nikon D850 and a Shift /Tilt 24mm , my lens of choice for Architecture ,interiors and exteriors.

  • Bathroom detail

    Bathroom detail

    features have to be isolated to show quality of features . Hotels and many properties, will require details, often these are important to show the quality of the interiours , the materials used within the arcituxture.

  • fountain


    Garden detail for hotels and venues, this image was taken for the Birmingham Botanical Gardens, a venue for events and much more. Its important to not have too high a shutter speed so the water looks liquid, but on such a sunny day the water long exposure effect would look unnatural and not intergrate with the other images on the website that it was commissioned for.

  • Hotel garden.

    Hotel garden.

    detail to provide image bank for hotel website and brochure, images such as this are provided when an image bank is commissined, they are often observed and maybe not even in the brief, but they are what a Hotel can use as seasonal marketing, publishing on their Instagram & Facebbok accounts as is reqiored in this content hungry world.

  • Welcombe Hotel

    Welcombe Hotel

    Golf at Stratford upon Avon Hotel



    Kenwood House

  • Lakeside Hotel

    Lakeside Hotel

    Lake district hotel jetty

  • Pool Abstract

    Pool Abstract

    Hotel photography may require images for copy to work ,this was just one of those images .

  • Charingworth Manor

    Charingworth Manor

  • Ford Abbey

    Ford Abbey

    Bar detail

  • Tunisian dining

    Tunisian dining

    Working for the Tunisian Tourist Board, I was lucky to have taken a number of models and traveled across many wonderful locations, this image was a way of showing the family friendly approach to dining and leaving a space for copy to run.

  • Cotswold Stay

    Cotswold Stay

    Drinks at Cotswold location .As the North Cotswolds crosses into Heart of England Territory .Image Bank for English Tourist Board .

  • Malmaison -Birmingham

    Malmaison -Birmingham

    To promote weekend breaks in Birmingham and the wider Heart of England ,this is one of the many images commissioned by Heart of England / English Tourist Board .

  • Dormy House, Cotswolds

    Dormy House, Cotswolds

    Warm interior of the wonderful Dormy House Hotel in the Cotswolds.

  • coventry millenium bridge


    Millenium Bridge photographed for Visit England. (image was selected for the RPS open )

  • Event Venue - Birmingham Botanical Gardens

    Event Venue - Birmingham Botanical Gardens

    Wide angle lens do cover such an area, but will sometimes that effect with uncorrected verticals can enhance the image and give more dynamics.

  • interiour for designer

    interiour for designer

    Interiour designer commissioned this image to show a property the she had designed, Specialist wide angle lens and flash helps the balance with the daylight and the interiour.

Hotel and property photographer

Hotel & Property photographer with wealth of experience, Warwickshire based and working across the UK ,Europe and beyond.

Architecture photographer working in Warwickshire,West Midlands & the Cotswolds and beyond.

Photographer of hotels,bed and breakfast and destinations and developments for property and hospitality industry.

Lorentz Gullachsen -

With specialist equipment that is designed to produce the high resolution quality images that are required by architects and interior designers I am able to deliver well lit and styled interiors and exterior images, often with remote high viewpoint camera platform and continuous and flash lights

I worked extensively for property developments across the UK notably the Milton Keynes New Town development, Olympia & York in Docklands and New York.

Photography of historic houses and properties I have worked for English Heritage,Visit England & Royal Palaces .These commissions may include lifestyle and landscapes but there are usually requirements of just the property without people

More local commissions have been for architects,garden designers, property developers in Warwickshire and the Cotswolds.

I produced an extensive image bank for the website and marketing material for Ragley Hall including candlelit interiors and hidden spaces that are never seen by the public.