• Poster -London Motor Show

    Poster -London Motor Show

    A pit crew working on two cars

  • Fine Art - Marie Boyle Sculpture

    Fine Art - Marie Boyle Sculpture

    Fine Art Sculpture and art work requires careful photography, sympathetic to the intension of the artist , but showing detail and form. I am able to shoot most art in the studio or on location as this was done. A heavy item such as this cannot be moved easily .It is often that careful colour correction and technical knowledge is required to ensure that the image is suitable for catalogues web-sites,advertising & posters .

  • Studio & Product     Photographer

    Studio & Product Photographer

    This studio photograph for Pashley Bikes was photographed in a studio base in Stratford on Avon ,The classic bikes are beautifully made in Stratford upon Avon . Traditional British Industry at its finest.

  • Ugg Food

    Ugg Food

    Muffin made with Chai Seed .

  • Romanesco broccoli

    Romanesco broccoli

    Shot in studio

  • Pasta Farfalloni

    Pasta Farfalloni

    Macro shot of pasta

  • Even a brick can look interesting with a little light.

    Even a brick can look interesting with a little light.

    Studio photography ensures that you can control light and the production of series of images for such applications as web sites ,print catalogues and general advertising as point of Sale. It maybe that scren based media is employed ,but even with small image ,you need to start with a high end digital capture and quality photographic lighting .

  • Links of London

    Links of London

    Product shot for Links of London

  • Links of London

    Links of London

    Detailed shot for Links of London



    Product image for Links of London

  • Pashley Bikes

    Pashley Bikes

    Classic Bikes that are beautifully made in Stratford upon Avon.British Tradition Industry at it best.

  • Cotswolds Barrel Aged Gin 1616

    Cotswolds Barrel Aged Gin 1616

    Product shot for Cotswolds Gin

  • Cotswolds Distillery

    Cotswolds Distillery

    Product shot for Cotswolds Distillery

  • Gin & Tonic

    Gin & Tonic

    Gin Savvy - material to support website & POS material.

  • Dartington Crystal Glass

    Dartington Crystal Glass

    website still life for e commerce & POS

  • Macro Food & Drink

    Macro Food & Drink

    macro detail for marketing -Gin Savvy

  • Product photography

    Product photography

    Gin Savvy -product photography studio still life .

Studio Product & Still life photographer based in Welford on Avon,Stratford on Avon , Warwickshire,

Products and still life photography in Studio or on location.

Product and Still Life Photographer in Warwickshire, working for business in Stratford on Avon, Leamington Spa, Coventry & Warwick

Product photography or Still life photography can take many forms, cut out products for Amazon or on line selling to Point of Sale in retail and brochures. Over the years I have produced thousands of images from bottles of Gin to Jewellery, some product images are now CGI as the CAD can be used, many car image has never seen a camera, just the highly skilled computer wizz kids that create skins and 360 environments. I do not have that skill and although I served my time as a studio car photographer, it was the autos on location that I felt most at home with. However the skills gained photographing metal,glass & rubber are transferable to most products, if fact there are few product photo shots that are anything like as challenging as shooting with large format film and getting the image in one frame, without retouching, thats old school and I now use those skills to deliver product shots when required, please call for a quote. lorentz@gullachsen.com