Portrait or Headshot Photographer for professionals across all business sectors, in Warwickshire, Coventry, North Cotswolds and London.

  • Daniel  Szor

    Daniel Szor

    Founder / Executive Chairman Cotswold Distilling

  • Headshots for Professionals

    Headshots for Professionals

    Amal Alamuddin was one of the many Barristers I photographed for the Chamber Website, little did I know that this lady was going to meet & marry George Clooney, it was a privilege to meet & photograph all at the Doughty Street Chambers.

  • Geoffrey Robertson QC

    Geoffrey Robertson QC

    Doughty Street Chambers, shot over two days, a small pop up studio provided a way to get the majority of the staff and all the Barristers that were in the country to be photographed in a unified way.

  • Alasdair Mackenzie

    Alasdair Mackenzie

    Doughty Street Chambers

  • Doughty Street Chambers

    Doughty Street Chambers

    Doughty Street Chamber

  • Piers Marquis

    Piers Marquis

    Doughty Street chambers

  • Professional Portraits

    Professional Portraits

    Tunde Okewale MBE Doughty Street Chambers

  • CEO portrait

    CEO portrait

    Patrick Littlemore CEO, Marsh & Parsons, London Estate Agents. This forward think agency have extended the Brand campaign to the offices and across social media, portraits of staff are matched to a suitable discription and this show how much they are valued and commuicates to the clients an intergrated brand value.

  • In house communication & Social media

    In house communication & Social media

    Black & White portraits help communicate a cohesion with an exceptional diverse collection of people who work across many branches and at the HQ in Hammersmith.

  • Headshot for Estate Agents

    Headshot for Estate Agents

    The headshots were shot in a pop up studi ,set up at the Marsh & Parsons Head Office in Hammersmith, providing a uniform background and with the mono treatment the portraits can be seen as individuals or as a collection, adding to the Brand value.

  • Headshot photography with a twist

    Headshot photography with a twist

    Headshots with context and quirky captions provide a social media post that enhances commuication across the market in London.

  • Portrait in Pop up Studio at Clients HQ

    Portrait in Pop up Studio at Clients HQ

  • Built in Braai

    Built in Braai

    This gentlemaan is from South Africa, hence the referance to a Braai, as the BBQ is known as in SA.

  • Modern.....


    corporate portraits and headshots don't have to be ordinary, they should reflect the subject but be appropriate. a great concept and a privaledge to work with these subjects & a great client-Marsh & Parsons.

  • Bright and 'airy.

    Bright and 'airy.

  • Beautifully presented

    Beautifully presented

  • Authentic character

    Authentic character

    Character in often a discription of maturer gentlemen , with a berad adds to the image, however each individual is lit appropriatly but still brings a cohesion to the collection, especially the tratment in Black & White .

  • Social hot-spot

    Social hot-spot

  • Immaculate and efficent

    Immaculate and efficent

  • Perfectly appointed

    Perfectly appointed

  • Fabulous


    Professional headshots are taken usually at the office or place of work, where a backdrop and lighting are set up . The environment helps create the right atmosphere for the subjects and allows a very good technical image that ensures the photographs are 'On Brand' and appropriate for the profession.

  • Meticulous & functional

    Meticulous & functional

  • Exceptional


  • Major Richard Carney MBE

    Major Richard Carney MBE

    recently appointed chair of Shakespeare's England, tourism & hospitality forum . My prefered portrait from those taken to send to press. Happy smiling faces are not always appropriate, the more serious expression shows professionalism.

  • Headshot for Marsh & Parsons

    Headshot for Marsh & Parsons

    In colour the subject can sometimes be taken to be less professional ?The treatment of an image is important to communicate the brand and industry, A single headshot in a corporate communication can be a way to position your company.The location can be in the City of London or Coventry.

  • Charity Worker

    Charity Worker

    The third sector requires images of staff to commuicate to the audience, often stakeholders require images of the people to ensure the charity is seen as human and real.London EC2

  • Shami Chakrabarti

    Shami Chakrabarti

    At the Artshouse in Stratford upon Avon . Baroness Chakrabarti, is a British Labour member of the House of Lords. A very warm ,funny and wonderful lady, IMHO.

  • Heather Vernon

    Heather Vernon

    Woburn Partners -

  • James Robinson Woburn Partners

    James Robinson Woburn Partners

  • Magnetar IT consulting

    Magnetar IT consulting

    Brand portraits for IT company

  • Rafael Macedo

    Rafael Macedo

  • Lewis Jenkins - Magnetar

    Lewis Jenkins - Magnetar

  • Rafael Macedo - Magnetar IT

    Rafael Macedo - Magnetar IT

    shoot over an hour to deliver variety of portraits for website & social media

  • Rafael Macedo

    Rafael Macedo

Professional Headshots for Business & Linkedin

A simple headshot or a portrait for website,social media or print. Pop-up studio at your business or even at your home. I deliver images that represent you and your business, providing a cost effective system that shows you and your associates in an appropriate way for your sector.

Headshot Photographer based in Warwickshire and working across the Midlands and beyond.

Headshot photographer for websites, Linkedin and business communications in Warwickshire,North Cotswolds, Coventry and beyond.

Professional headshots are required for a number of reasons and the images need to be kept up to date. Business communication requires images of many staff and the results can certainly effect the way your business is perceived, the headshots are an extension of your brand communication.

In certain sectors,it is expected that the person is dressed appropriately, a Jacket & tie or business suit. The background is appropriately neutral and the look is serious or the subject has a slight smile. Accountants, Solicitors, and members of the financial industry.

In other industries especially the design and creative industry the headshots or portraits should reflect the casual and friendly environment that they work in and the background colours of environment is another visual statement about them.

Monochrome or colour?

Some serious professions may wish to have monochrome images, eliminating colour to avoid the audiences visual associations with certain colours and acquire a certain gravitas with black and white photography.

Brand Photography Headshots.

With good visual communication the headshots that you have on your website can help communicate your Brand, a recent example is with a client Marsh & Parsons estate agents, the brand campaign is based on the visual metaphor of portraits representing certain types of property or puns relating to London addresses, Marsh & Parsons extended this to members of the staff , and featured them on social media and in the offices, adding appropriate copy related to their personality and job, in order to differentiate the images of staff to the Brand campaign the staff were photographed in black and white, the style and Brand looked connected but had sufficient difference to work.

How are the headshots executed?

I set up a background or find a suitable wall or location with minimum distortion and photographed the subjects , if there is a budget, hair and makeup-artist may help 'groom' the person, this is rare but certainly a consideration with key staff or an image that shall be used across media.

It is usual to take enough frames to ensure there is a good choice, it often takes at least 6 frames, to have a decent result, it can be the first frame, but I shoot till I am confident I have a good image, blinks and obviously poor poses are deleted and the results are sent to the client in low res so they may choose the selection, I recommend that the subjects are involved, so they cannot then feel resentful that the image is not one they are happy with, once the selection is made, I then process the final image, retouch, usually removing blemishes and loose hair, taking care to remove specs on clothes and generally enhancing the image, I do not advocate strong or overuse of photoshop, as an obviously over retouched image can be seen as 'false' and reflect on the company. However there are exceptions to this and so retouching maybe increased when a client requires it, but this may incur additional costs as it can be very time consuming.

I then deliver the final images as high res tiffs and jpegs, often resizing to the customers specification according to the final use such as website or brochure print.

What Equipment is required for a headshot?

A professional shoot maybe done with available light and a prime portrait lens on a DSLR, however I would recommend for consistent results a background with stand, a minimum of three lights and suitable light modifiers such as brollies and softboxes will ensure results are delivered, I would always advocate a good choice of lens, and a spare camera body, it takes a lot of organising to get people in one place for a photoshoot and a break in a shoot because of a malfunction is unacceptable and very unprofessional.

How long should a headshot take?

An image can be captured in a fraction of a second, a flash of the lights, however , the photographer should take a while to set up the lights and background and test the lighting an result before a subject gets onto the set, then it maybe a few minutes, and if necessary longer, but for a simple headshot 10 minutes is usually sufficient, but with a portrait it can take much longer if a great image is to be captured, however there are no rules, and some of the greatest portraits of all time have been captured in just a one frame in seconds. (see Karsh portrait of Winston Churchill)

What to wear for a Headshot photo?

It depends on what you want to communicate, a bright red top will certainly gain attention but will it compliment you?

Gender was a deciding factor in what would be recommended, however in these times of equality and complex identity what you wear is what you feel is right, however I would like to give some guidance, the subject of the headshot is the person, the clothes are just seen as a frame for the face, therefore, I suggest that you keep it simple, in a professional environment what you would normally wear is what you would expect to be seen in, I do recommend that a darker top or jacket will work in colour or in monochrome, but a white shirt or blouse may be too clinical and it may lack detail when a shirt or blouse with just s hint of a tone, will retain detail, but not 'POP' a term that describes how a highlight can dominate a space.

To conclude, ensure you are well presented and have had a recent haircut / styling, wear simple tops that are appropriate to the industry and avoid bright colours unless they are an essential dress.