• Education   Photographer

    Education Photographer

    The Wonder of Science, St Dominic's Grammar School in Brewood, Stafford. Photography for Prospectus and Marketing communication Photographed for the school website and Prospectus. I am not a conventional school photographer but a photographer for school prospectuses and communication for web and print.

  • St Martin's Girls School

    St Martin's Girls School

    Music teacher photographed in hall

  • St Martin's School

    St Martin's School

    Portrait used for marketing material in print and on-line to show the diverse teachers and subjects delivered to the pupils at the School.

  • St Martin's School ,Solihull

    St Martin's School ,Solihull

    Agency - StratiqueCD - Joy Lunn

  • music student

    music student

    St Martins

  • 6th Form Pupil

    6th Form Pupil

    reportage portrait at St Martins

  • Teacher


    St Martins



    teachers photographed in enviroment for marketing & commuication

  • IT - Teacher

    IT - Teacher

    St Martins

  • St Martin's ,Solihull

    St Martin's ,Solihull

    Portrait of Pupils to represent each year , backgrounds are left out of focus to allow copy to drop in. Agency -StratiqueCD -Joy Lunn

  • junior pupil

    junior pupil

  • St Martin's Solihull

    St Martin's Solihull

    Agency -StratiqueAD - Joy Lunn

  • infant


    St Martins

  • pupil


    St Martins - school web and prospectus image bank.

  • Pythagoras' Theorem

    Pythagoras' Theorem

  • teacher - juniors

    teacher - juniors

    St Martins

  • Drama Teacher

    Drama Teacher

    In the Theatre at St Martins

  • pupil


    St Martins, Solihull. The use of Portraits for this type of marketing and communication is especially useful as parents all respond well to such an image, especially when the pupils look so happy and content at their school.

  • St Dominic's , Brewood .

    St Dominic's , Brewood .

    New 6th Form block with student ,natural reportage style, taken over two days to provide extensive image bank for marketing and communication for a few years.

  • St Dominic's Brewood pupil.

    St Dominic's Brewood pupil.

    Photography for school prospectus and marketing .

  • Duke of Edinburgh Awards participant ,St Dominic's Brewood

    Duke of Edinburgh Awards participant ,St Dominic's Brewood

    Set up in school grounds ,poor weather from English Spring, water from sprayer ,as remarkably it had stopped raining ,the one timeI wanted it to rain?

Education Photographer- school and college propectus photographer warwickshire

Photographer at schools & education establishments for marketing and communication.Based in Warwickshire and working across the West Midlands, Coventry and the Cotswolds,

Education Photographer

Photographer for Schools and educational establishments such as colleges and universities, for marketing and communication. Based in Warwickshire and working in the West Midlands, Coventry and Cotswolds.

A school or college photographer is sometimes confused for the photographer that takes the traditional school photo, a notable profession and I certainly admire those who produce the images of the sons and daughters every year, they are a great tradition and that is a highly skilled job that I do not compete with, the numbers and the printing is something I am not set up for and there are many great companies that provide that service.

However, I provide the photography for the prospectus and marketing that schools and colleges require, every few years a school or college prospectus is required to promote and market the school and a collection of images are required for that purpose, fashions and styles and uniforms change, so a school cannot keep reprinting old images, therefore a new image bank needs to be produced, that is where I come in.

I have worked along a variety of designers and art directors as well as direct with clients to produce the images of the physical school and the pupils and naturally the teaching staff, from Head teacher to teaching assistant and occasionally the dinner ladies and the essential support staff.

My skill as a portrait and lifestyle photographer works well in this sector, with many years working in a fast changing environment, capturing the environmental lifestyle images that show engaged pupils and demonstrate the facilities and ethos of the educational establishment.

Happy smiling children should also be contrasted with those serious faces seen when studying with a great teacher. The classrooms and all the facilities such as a gym, library, computer suites, music rooms and performance facilities are all part of the photography requirements and the technical skill with lights and appropriate ultra wide angle lens and remote high view platforms are what I have as standard kit.

What does an Education photographer do?

A photographer of schools & teaching facilities has to understand the needs of the photography, who is the reader of the prospectus or website, is the facility providing for a special group or is it an establishment that is aiming to provide exceptional academic qualifications?

The photographer should ideally view the location and ensure that all health and safety issues are addressed as well as safeguarding issues. As a former FE tutor and university lecturer I am aware of the protocols, I am also aware that CRB clearance is required in some circumstances, however I always insist that I am chaperoned at all times while on the premises so usually a CRB is not required for the few days I maybe on site.

A shot list and schedule is produced and a week before the photography shoot the pupils parents and guardians are asked for permissions for their children to be possible models, and all pupils that cannot be photographed are identified so they do not prevent an image been used.

Often with my assistant the photography takes place after the schedule is carefully put together so as to take account of sun aspect in relation to certain key images and certainly taking into account the access to external buildings that maybe best captured early in the day or certainly after hours, heroic images of the buildings can certainly add value to the image bank as they can be very powerful symbols of an establishment.

If you have a school, college, nursery or education facility that requires photography for Marketing and communication, please contact me for a free advise and a quote.

01608 695050 or lorentz@gullachsen.com