• Swan on Avon

    Swan on Avon

    I produce stock images for many international libraries and also just take photographs for myself . I love the mist in the early autumn morning as it produces images that are mystical.

  • Holy Trinity Church

    Holy Trinity Church

    from the south side of the River Avon ,this was taken early morning in Spring . Nice and quiet .

  • Trinity Church -Stratford upon Avon -Shakespear's Church

    Trinity Church -Stratford upon Avon -Shakespear's Church

    The church where the Bard was buried ,photographer -Lorentz Gullachsen -On the river Avon -

  • View from the VUE

    View from the VUE

    A new view of Stratford upon Avon - From the Vue observation wheel

  • Winter in Stratford upon Avon

    Winter in Stratford upon Avon

    just a few hundred meters from the Town,there is more nautural beauty if you look at the right time and place.

  • Winter Frost

    Winter Frost

  • Upstream from Clopton Bridge

    Upstream from Clopton Bridge

    Autumn mist with Lone Swan . Before the tourists and even the early morning dog walkers I am out taking location photographs across the county of Warwickshire and beyond.

  • Stratford upon Avon    Photographer

    Stratford upon Avon Photographer

    Travel and the Hospitality industry in Stratford upon Avon and Warwickshire.Producing Editorial and Advertising photography for international & UK publications . Stock images direct and through Getty Images, Lensmodern & Gallery Stock .I frequently photograph the River Avon and the town and it's internationally famous attractions as commissions for travel magazines and travel companies.

  • Autumn Mist upper Avon

    Autumn Mist upper Avon

  • Early Mist

    Early Mist

    The River Avon photographed in the early morning before the tourists and even the dog walkers are out. Peace.

  • Stratford River Festival - the fireworks at the close of the  Festival .

    Stratford River Festival - the fireworks at the close of the Festival .

  • River Festival

    River Festival

    A weekend of river based entertainment -a great day in Statford upon Avon

  • Early morning mist creates 'Lighthouse' effect from the sunlight hitting th Glass on the tower of the RSC Theatre.

    Early morning mist creates 'Lighthouse' effect from the sunlight hitting th Glass on the tower of the RSC Theatre.

  • Stratford upon Avon town

    Stratford upon Avon - upon or on ?

    If you live in the Town of Stratford you use Stratford UPON Avon ,as your address . However , You are also along with many in the District of Stratford ON Avon, a large district council that extends from the West -Bidford on Avon - to the North West on the border of Redditch ,to Warwick and the south as far as the Oxfordshire border at Upton ,near Edge Hill.

  • The Reqqe

    The Reqqe

    frosty morning with RSC theatre in the background. The quiet beauty of my walks by the River are a great privilege to enjoy. I am a photographer even when I am taking a break.

  • Shakespeare Monument

    Shakespeare Monument

    I am proud to be a supporting member of Shakespeare's England - an organisation that promotes the wider area as a tourist destination . Stratford upon Avon and the Bard are not the only fantastic attractions in this area, but the Bard is the most famous playwright so it is fitting that his name is used to define a much larger area and collection of tourist destimations and attractions. Many I have photographed as an Advertising Photographer.

  • Flood 2015

    Flood 2015

    The River Avon in Stratford upon Avon does flood, sometimes it reaches the town. However flood defences and better management has reduced this. I try to photograph the river every season and not just on sunny days . The ever changing landscape is more pronounced when there is water. This was one of the photographs that helped define the AQUA project. Seeing and capturing the exceptional is what I try to do.

  • Prince Hal

    Prince Hal

    The Gower memorial Statue is possibly one of the most photographed in Stratford upon Avon, each day it changes. It shows a selection of characters fron the Bard's plays.

  • Evening Sun on the Gower memorial

    Evening Sun on the Gower memorial

    Sculpture is hard to capture unless the light is soft & warm helps as the Bronze becomes golden. Such a contrast to the cold winter light.

  • A ghost Band plays Swan Lake ?

    A ghost Band plays Swan Lake ?

    In the flood of 2015 the Avon burst its banks and flooded across the Recreation grounds opposite the RSC. Swans take advantage of the slow water and enjoy the new waterscape.

  • Shakespeare Memorial Statue

    Shakespeare Memorial Statue

    Lord Ronald Gower (1845-1916)

  • Stratford River Festival

    Stratford River Festival

    An annual free festival that brings thousands of visitors to Stratford upon Avon. A weekend of great fun which also has a great firework display . I have photographed this as a commission and enjoyed the friendly festival that grows from strengh to strengh.

  • Morning Mist

    Morning Mist

    River Avon from RSC gardens. A duck takes of and disturbs the early misty morning.

  • Foot Bridge

    Foot Bridge

    formally a train bridge to service the port area where wood, coal & wool would be transported.

  • River Avon

    River Avon

    Up stream from Clopton Bridge

  • Winter Mist on the Avon

    Winter Mist on the Avon

    As a location photographer I am up early most mornings, its not a hardship its a joy. An early start finds the Avon without visitors and with a quality of light that Turner would have appreciated.

  • A Winter's Tale

    A Winter's Tale

    Falstaff & the Bard in snow .

  • Desk detail at KES - Shakespears Old School

    Desk detail at KES - Shakespears Old School

    The school that Shakespeare attended as a child is photographed by thousands. This detail may be a romantic relic, however the desk was only in service well after the Bard had left.

  • Stratford upon Avon

    Stratford upon Avon

    Stratford upon Avon -The town. Stratford on Avon - the larger district that is Warwickshires largest council district .

  • Warwick Castle

    Warwick Castle

    Considered one of the finest views in England - even now with giant swans ?

  • Compton Verney - bridge with Sphinx

    Compton Verney - bridge with Sphinx

  • View from Tramway Bridge toward the RSC theatre

    View from Tramway Bridge toward the RSC theatre

  • Gower Memorial - Hamlet

    Gower Memorial - Hamlet

  • Garrick Pub & Harvard House -Stratford upon Avon

    Garrick Pub & Harvard House -Stratford upon Avon

  • Gower Memorial  with Shakespeare

    Gower Memorial with Shakespeare

  • Trinity Church with Swans

    Trinity Church with Swans

  • Tramway Bridge

    Tramway Bridge

  • Scones for Tea

    Scones for Tea

    It is a pleasure to work across the Town of Stratford upon Avon, producing photography for the hospitality industry, pubs, cafe's ,hotels and restaurants. Photographing food and drinks and all things related to the tourism industry. Can there be anything more English than Tea & Scones?

  • The Iconic RSC Theatre

    The Iconic RSC Theatre

  •  Stratford Canal Basin & the EYE

    Stratford Canal Basin & the EYE

  • Kenilworth Castle

    Kenilworth Castle

    History in the Walls, if only the building could speak.

  • Compton Verney

    Compton Verney

    I love this Art Gallery, museum, venue & parkland. It is a fantastic location to take photographs and has been used as a film location as well as the Host oof BBC Antiques Road Show.

Stratford on Avon Photographer

Stratford on Avon is my base and a location I use for many advertising & editorial photography commissions. It provides a great backdrop for lifestyle & fashion photography and as an internationally known destination and I provide stock images of this quintessential English destination.

Stratford on Avon and Warwickshire photographer.

I have lived in Stratford on Avon district since the 1990's although I have left for a few breaks abroad and even found myself in Worcestershire for a while.

Stratford on Avon is now my my home, I live in the village of Welford on Avon just 4 miles downstream on the River Avon and I know I am incredibly privileged to live in such a wonderful district. My work has taken me across the globe and to so many wonderful locations, it is still a wonder that this is where I return, I love the sea and my only criticism of Stratford on Avon is that it could be nearer to the coast, sadly with global warming that maybe the case soon?

I have used Stratford on Avon,Warwickshire & the North Cotswolds for many an advertising photography shoots, for automotive clients,healthcare and many landscapes for backdrops for products & services. I have substituted many locations around Warwickshire to stand in for London and generic countryside backdrops that look a varied as Norfolk, Scotland and Welsh Hill farms.

I have taken many 'stock' photo images of the area that is 'Shakespeare's England' and have worked with the Visit England ,the former 'Heart of England' tourism and I am a member of the Shakespeare's England Tourism forum. I am a great advocate for the hospitality industry and hope to continue to provide a service to photograph the local attractions, the landscapes and the hospitality industry for the area. Images for website and press are available but not free, I am a professional photographer and make my living investing in my work, but I do support local business enterprises and will certainly help with my stock images at a realistic rates.

What I do best is produce images of Stratford on Avon & Warwickshire that work, many years of advertising and editorial photography have shown that a pretty picture maybe nice on someone's wall, but an image that communicates on a website to the right audience is much more powerful.

If you require images of Stratford on Avon, Warwickshire, Coventry and the North Cotswolds, please contact me, I can supply commissioned and exclusive stock for all business needs . lorentz@gullachsen.com