'Brand' campaign for Marsh & Parsons

What is Brand Photography ?

Brand Photography

The term "Brand Photography' has been around to my knowledge since the 1980's , in fact it is certainly well used and now seems like one of those Buzz words that are associated with the creative industry and terms that are used to replace advertising and marketing, when that is what it's all about. Marketing and communication is what commercial and not for profit companies do, they can be selling a product or providing a service, and in order to communicate the product or service to an audience they use many methods including photography.

So let's keep it simple, Brand photography is Advertising photography.

Well, yes and no, because communication is what is happening, and not always in an advertising context. The recent amazing work done by the NHS was often used as a subject to communicate to the public that we had to modify our behaviour and be socially distant or stay home, that is not advertising, but it was paid for and many 'ADS' appeared on TV and across all media. The powerful images of tired NHS staff were used as a communication tool to change our behaviour, so that was not about Brand but about communication.

So my point is:

Marketing and communication photography is what I provide and have done for many years, it is usually the agency and the creative team who produced concepts and deliver the material that is consistent and has to look the same across all media platforms.

The Advertising Guru, Paul Arden in his great tome 'It's Not How Good You Are it's How Good You Want To Be' showed an image of a large room with an Ad in a mag seen in a corner, and just by a small logo and layout you could identify the brand, it was Nike and just that tick seen from a distance communicated the Brand.

Logos alone do not represent a company brand, it is about so many other aspects of a company, it's the ethos, the quality of product and a long history that all add up to what a Brand is about, Apple is a prime example with a simple logo, minimal style and a world leading product. That is a Brand that stands out, but it took years to get there and photography & video was only a small part of the process.

My point is that the company has to develop and build a brand, the photography and video used in that process is Marketing and Communication or MarComm photography and video and the Company will achieve a brand recognition with careful design, well handled communication across all media and the platforms it uses when it is done consistently.

Photography and video alone will not create a BRAND.

Advertising & Portrait photographer is the term I use to describe my commercial work and it seems to work.

Porcupine Close SE9 - is one of many poster images that. have been used as a "Brand' campaign that has helped an Estate Agent, Marsh & Parsons to become one of the most recognised in London, winning many industry awards and changing the way the London public think about the company.Building the Brand! Shot was taken in 2018 /19 and one of many produced for Marsh & Parsons.

  • Angler St
  • Paddington W2
  • Porcupine Close SE9

Marsh & Parsons - Brand Campaign - 2015-ongoing

Without the context of the caption and logo - the Fisherman makes no sense - it's the caption 'Anglers Lane NW5' that completes the communication