Striking, double-glazed development. Built-in air-purification system.

How to photograph a campaign in a Pandemic.

New Brand Campaign for London Estate Agents - Marsh & Parsons.

In December 2019 and January 2020, I shot a series of portraits for my client Marsh & Parsons, the campaign was to be rolled out over the next twelve months on social media, poster sites and on their website. That was the plan, but as everyone is now aware the world changed drastically in a very short period of time, I was following the progress of the pandemic in the China and realised that the work I had produced would probably not get used for a while? As Lockdown happened, my bookings were cancelled, especially those involving people, which for a portrait specialist is about 80% of my workload, I then resigned myself to a very quiet time to say the least, however as I have seen recessions and massive changes over the years I was probably better equipped to deal with what was to come, I am based at my home and the studio I most often used was closing due to redevelopment, so a perfect storm was about to hit me?

I predicted that I would not have a commissioned job until September at the earliest and if then?

How wrong can you be, in lockdown I had a lot of admin and tests to sort, personal projects and active marketing kept me busy and I do admit, the great weather allowed me to enjoy long walks around a beautiful part of Warwickshire that is home.

As soon as lockdown was lifted, I found myself very busy shooting a 'Welcome Back' campaign for Shakespeare's England and then the floodgates opened as the work that was on hold started back.

I was very happy that my client Marsh & Parsons also came back, with great concepts and a need to produce content that was relevant and in keeping with the brand communication that had developed over the last five years.

However a studio shoot with the production values that I usually delivered was going to be a challenge, my Make Up Artist was advised that did not allow her to attend and my usual assistant and runner were not available, the studio I usually used had been sold and had builders on site, so a rapid rethink was in order.

A friend who is a great photographer and fellow AOP member was quiet as his work was in the theatre world, and he kindly stepped up as an assistant, hair & makeup, could be sorted with the models , the lady was herself an experienced makeup artist herself so she was perfect although I cast her before I knew that, casting was naturally done on line and so from receiving the brief to shooting was 5 working days, and the studio location, was a large event room that was as large as the studio and all I had to do was set up a day before.

The results were out in time and a happy client had a Brand campaign running just as the business sector was opened.

What has happened to our society and economy was and still is a once in a lifetime occurrence that has changed our lives forever, some of that change can be for good and I personally hope that more positives happen than the negatives, I am grateful that opportunities have allowed me to get back to work much earlier and producing work I am proud of, but I know how that can change in a heartbeat .

  • Striking,double glazed development
  • Exudes charm & character
  • Period property. Fantastic condition throughout

Marsh & Parsons - September Campaign 2020