Business cards - are they history?

Business Cards - Is there a future for Printed cards

Since lockdown in March 2020 like so many others I have had little work and my marketing has involved, my social media posts, networking in the virtual Zoom world and working on the SEO for my website, I have shot personal projects but now the world is opening up, I am thinking that networking events may soon happen and life shall go back to normal?

Well we know that's not going to happen!

Social distancing shall become the new normal, networking will certainly become more on line and presenting someone you have just met with a business card, seems irrelevant ? Why would someone take a piece of card that you have touched and keep it ?

I personally love the beautifully crafted and printed cards that I have received over the years, great typography, beautiful card stock and many printing techniques that make a card feel special, well I would be very concerned about handling something like that.

Over the years I have had many logo changes, print updates, new telephones, new studios & many new images on my business cards, often a good talking point, as many choices of image are presented to potential clients and connections, often interesting what people choose, but now, that is not going to happen? Maybe I shall have to handle with PPE gloves and deliver them on an extended pole with a plate?

It would be a shame that the Business Card goes the way of many print items, postcards letters and even mail shots?

Change is inevitable and a new digital card shall emerge, just like a linkedin connection, but it is sad, those little gems of design may fade away and eventually become collectors items, or shall they?

Maybe they shall be celebrated as a sign that we have a safe world and the Corona Era is over! Long live the business card!