Mayflower - Avon Boats - Stratford upon Avon

Avon Boats

Since I started taking pictures many years ago I have always had an affinity to water, my first published work was of surfers in Cornwall while I was at college and when I changed direction, from a studio to a location photographer one of the first commissions I gained was to photograph Riva Boats in Monaco, I went on to dabble in underwater photography in the Maldives and even photographed wild trout in the Cotswolds.

A couple of years ago I had an exhibition called AQUA and the river Avon certainly was featured with the ubiquitous Swan and many misty images of the water that flows through the Bards town, I would like to think that my profile was raised by the exhibition, however it was from other connections that I was approached and commissioned by Avon boats to update their image bank of the craft that they hire and run in my home town of Stratford upon Avon.

The images were to reflect working craft, and in the context of the beautiful waterway that passes through the town, not flying in a helicopter or submerged below the water surface, but using the river bank and boat to boat to produce images of the quintessential English summer's day out messing about on the river, bliss.

Is this another change of direction? No I shall continue to take portraits but images for the travel and hospitality industry are part of my DNA, hopefully more shall follow?